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Serve the Church & the City
Twenty Six Eight Serve at Church
Our Mission


You can use your gifts and passions to make a difference here at Twenty Six Eight and in the community of Meridian. We serve in our church, our community and in our city. We offer many different teams so you can find a team that fits your gifts and talents. From greeting visitors at church, to leading a Life Group, to serving individuals in the city, each team makes an eternal impact and builds something bigger than themselves.

Are you ready to take your next step and join our serving teams? Join us and change the landscape of Meridian. 

Serve Our Church

You don't have to complete the First Steps class to jump into serving. Fill out a serve form right now!

Serve at the Garage

Meet the youth and young adults of the city, and serve those who are seeking mental wholeness in Jesus. 

Serve at the Community Center


Join us in reaching neighborhoods, blocks, the city and the Treasure Valley. Fill out a serve form below.  

Serve Our City 

Join us in reaching those who don't know Jesus through events, service, prayer and love.

Twenty Six Eight Modern Renaissance

Explore the Teams

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team is an essential part of church life and make Twenty Six Eight feel like home to every person who walks through our doors. God uses the Hospitality Teams to set the stage to reach more people and change lives.

Roles in Hospitality include our Welcome Team, our Security Team, Nursing Team and Parking Team.

Stay Connected

Follow along with what God is doing in Meridian.

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