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Twenty Six Eight Kids and Family

Kids Ministry

Teaching Children to Follow Jesus, Live Like family and Love the City.
Our Mission


3:00 PM - Saturdays
237 E. State Avenue, Meridian. 

About Twenty Six Eight Kids

God invites us to teach His love and truth to all of our children (Deuteronomy 6:5-7). This is a pivotal time in their lives when ideas are being formed. We want every kid who comes to our classes to become disciples of Jesus, gain a foundation in his grace, and experience relationship with each other. Our hope is that kids are equipped to partner with Jesus in every area of their lives, at this young age, and far into the future. 

What to Expect
Twenty Six Eight Kids and Family

Early Years

These early years are wonderful, because its when hearts and minds are being shaped. In our classes here at Twenty Six Eight, we engage children in Bible  stories, worship time and play. 


What to Expect



Most people's spiritual beliefs are formed when they are elementary age. Today, kids are learning whether or not church is the place for them. They are in a time of formation and are seeking answers to very real questions. They also want to have fun! We lead children to Jesus, and we teach them how to follow him in a way they understand at this age. 

*Class for 9-11's will begin in August 2024.

Twenty Six Eight Kids and Family

Meet Our Kids Team

Staff Pictures Kendra

Kendra Conger

Kids Ministry Director

Staff Pictures Brooke

Brooke Sperry

Kids Curriculum

Twenty Six Eight Kids Ministry Team

Jamilyn Barrett

Kids Activity Director

Twenty Six Eight Kids
Our Leadership


If you’re planning to visit here at Twenty Six Eight, we are excited to welcome your kids too! We know visiting a new church can be a little scary for kids, but we want to make it a fun and exciting experience.  Fill out this form to make your visit easier and we will be ready and waiting. You can check in your kids ahead of time to make your visit simpler. 

What We Believe

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